Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kinmen Island - 金門

Going aboard Uni Air

Approaching Kinmen Island

It has been said that Kinmen is a 'garden built upon a fortress. Indeed, Kinmen is a beautiful island which seems laid back, peaceful, very green & luscious. Kinmen is made up of 15 islands & islets at the junction of the mouth of the Chiulung River & Xiamen of mainland China. The largest islands are Kinmen & Liehyu (aka Little Kinmen). These are the only two islands open to tourism. 3 islets are controlled by mainland China, the other 12 by Taiwan. Kinmen is divided into districts: Kincheng, Kinhu, Kinning, Kinsha, & Liehyu.

A Glance of Kinmen Island...

Street Mural

Beautiful Ceiba Tree

Gorgeous Flower

Climbing Mt Taiwu, 253 m

Taiwu Mountain

Hiking up the scenic mountain

Soph & Erica

Erica, Em & Me - Hiking up Mt Taiwu

Fried Dumplings/Egg with Clams

Enjoying dinner

Playing Scrabble & Having Yummy Fruit Tea

Creepy...Underground Tunnel

Chris, Denise & Erica @ dinner

Bowling Fun!

Foreign Crew in Kinmen!

I got over 100 in 9 frames!

Cultural Center

Kinmen National Park

Old Mofan St.

Checking out the beautiful beach

Using tissue paper to line the dirty helmet.
Funny eh?

Chris locked her keys in the scooter!

Bomb Shelter

Fightback Position!

WARNING: Dangerous Mines!


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