Friday, July 14, 2006

Penghu Islands - 澎湖

This past weekend, I spent 3 days on the beautiful islands of Penghu. Located in the Taiwan Strait, this archipelago consisting of 64 islands is worth a visit! Highlights include: beautiful cliff side ridges that drop down into the multi-coloured waters of the Taiwan Strait; unbeatable & delicious seafood; and breathtaking scenic views. It took me roughly 6 hours to get back home from Penghu on Friday evening! I went via boat from Budai harbour which is in Chiayi County (next county south of Yunlin County where I am). During this past weekend, I must have gone on a total of 5 different boats! Definitely a highlight here is the yummy seafood! It's worth it just to go for that! Ha! Despite the scorching sun & dead heat (what's new in Taiwan?), the trip was still enjoyable!
Douliou City (start) -> By train to Sinying City (Tainan County) = just under an hour
Sinying City -> By bus to Budai harbour (Chiayi County) = just under an hour
Walk to Budai harbour for boat departure = 20 sizzling mins.
By boat from Budai harbour to Penghu (Makung City) Island = 1.5 hrs.

Two Hearts Stone Weir - 雙心石滬

In front of the Tomorrow Star boat: Boarding
from Budai Harbour



Yummy seafood!

Em & Alicia

Colourful Guanyin Bridge, Makung City, Penghu Island

On the boat en route to Chipei Island


Chipei Island - biggest island on the northern
Penghu Archipelago

Taking a snooze: falling under the
spell of the robust sun & immense heat!

Sending my love: Writing Home

At the centre fountain in Makung City

We unexpectantly see the Taipei Mayor, Ma Ing-Jeou here who visits to help celebrate
the Penghu Seafood Festival

At our homestay

above left

Waiting @ the Visitor's centre
prior to departure to Chimei Island

Finally on board heading to Chimei Township - ???

We discover that there are some problems with our King Ba Da boat so our trip to Wan An Island is cancelled however we hitch a ride on another boat tagging along with a tour group. We're told by a couple of different people to wait so we do as we are told. Then, we're asked rather hurriedly to follow a man to board a boat. We quickly board the boat....then all of a sudden somone shouts out,


We quickly get off the boat & get onto a different one. Man, as long as these workers know what they're doing & we get to where we're supposed to, it's all cool because I have no idea how there communication & organization network works!?!

Taking in the beauty

Tomb of the 7 Virtuous Beauties

Overlooking sparkling waters

Waiting Husband Reef: See the rock shaped like a pregnant woman? Legend has it that a fisherman went missing at sea and was not able to return to his wife & unborn child. The woman was so overwhelmed with sadness, she jumped to her death. A reef supposedly grew at the place where she made that fateful plunge.

Cliffside rock shaped lionhead

Chimei Island - Located on the southern tip of the
Penghu Archipelago (approx. 1 hr. away from Makung City)

Two Hearts Stone Weir - 雙心石滬
The heart-shaped fishing trap is made of stacked stones.
Openings in the traps allow fish to enter during high tide
but during low tide the openings in the trap
are blocked

En route to Husi Island

Underground bunkers

Exploring small Husi Island

Husi Island harbour

Eating shabu shabu: check out the pile of dishes!

With homestay family