Friday, February 17, 2006

Taroko National Park - 太魯閣國家公園

15 km north of Hualien • Taiwan's top tourist attraction • Park covers over 120,000 hectares w/ mountain peaks rising to 3700m. Valleys, ravines & waterfalls caused by the Liwu River cutting through the park.

Interesting note:

The gorge was created through an elevation gain that rises from sea level to 3740m, fostering a range of ecological zones, from tropical to alpine.

Mode of transport:
Rented Scooter • Hualien to
Taroko = approx. 1 hr.

Tunnels of Nine Turns • twisting road of tunnels
blasted through sheer marble cliffs • during construction many workers
were killed

Take a look at the sheer magnitude of the canyon!

Marble-walled canyons

Giant sized cliffs w/ lush vegetation
& cliffs

Scenic Wonderland

Taroko Gorge


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