Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bella Green Island 綠島!

KUANYIN CAVE - underground cavern with a stalagmite in a red cape. Legend has it that during the Qing dynasty, a fisherman lost his way at sea & a fiery red light came down from the sky & led him to safety in the cave. The fisherman believed the light to be that of the goddess Kuanyin and the stalagmite in the cape to resemble the form of the goddess.
-designated a sacred spot on the island where people from all over Taiwan come to pay their respects.

Scenic gems of Green Island...

Group photo in the former judiciary court area of
Green Island Prison

Sleeping Beauty Rock - look closely & use your imagination & you may just see a figure resembling a sleeping woman!

Hsiao Changcheng - a rock the some feel resembles the Great Wall in China but of course not to such magnitude!

On our way home: Outside Taitung Train Station (Betty, Me, Evita, & Taz)


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