Monday, October 24, 2005

Green Island Prisons

GREEN ISLAND (30 km east of Taitung County - East Coast)
The boat ride over to Green Island was just over an hour long. My journey there was treacherous! I thought that my life was going to be over & that I was going to die! Honestly! The events leading up to that moment on the boat in the midst of a pool of sweat included: 7 sleepless hours on the train from Taipei City to Taitung train station. In addition to an empty stomach, I already felt sort of sick & wanting to throw up. The air conditioning on the boat was turned on so high...Tack on the fact that the waves were massively high causing the boat to sway up & down! I kept wanting to hurl a bunch of who knows what but what could come out was only clear liquid...In retrospect, after getting over the feeling of just passing out, it was quite humourous to hear an orchestra of "puking" sounds where people were gaging "in sync" trying to puke out there discomfort! The boat ride back was terrifically fine though as I stood outside on deck.....go figure...
-tiny volcanic island
-snorkeling & diving are major attractions
-saltwater hot springs
-gorgeous scenic views
-home to Taiwan's infamous Green Island Lodge prison used during Taiwan's White Terror, where political prisoners were to suffer. In addition, there are Occupational Skills Training Centre and the Green Island Prison.


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